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From: Dan Rabin <wolfe-lists@danrabin.com>
Subject: (whorl) The missing chems
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 19:28:01 

As we discuss the respective humanity of humans and inhumi, it occurs 
to me that _Short Sun_ has dealt little with chems so far.  They were 
certainly accepted as people in the Long Sun Whorl (although 
sometimes the subject of discrimination).  Do they have spirits in 
the sense of _Green's_?

We know that there's an unresolved plot element concerning Horn's 
bringing Olivine's eye to Marble.  Perhaps chems will yet be tied 
into the spiritual scheme of things.

On a related topic:  how are we to square the adopting of human souls 
by inhumi with Mucor's characterization of Quetzal as "the man who 
isn't there"?  Does Mucor perceive people distinctly from the way 
they appear in Horn's astral projections?

   -- Dan Rabin

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