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From: "Ian Smith" <iancsmith@4unet.co.uk>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Why Sinew isn't Krait
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 13:11:56 +0100

I really like this idea Dennis, but if it is true it means that the narrator
must be SERIOUSLY deluded. I can see where you get the idea however, and
there is certainly something up because Wolfe is so darn vague.  As far as I
can see, Sinew & Krait never seem to have a conversation in OBW, and
references to situations where they are both present are very  sketchy
indeed.  The more I look for evidence one way or the other, the more I find
amibiguous passages.
For example, In OBW (p354):

[Horn] "It's almost as if they'd [people of Pajaracou] been waiting for us,
isn't it?"
[Sinew] "You think so?"..."Why should they?"
[Horn] "Because there are three of us"
[Sinew] "Four, with Krait"
[Horn] "Exactly, four, if you count Krait, and three if you don't"

Hmm.  No comment.

It's clear from the end of OBW that the narrator believes Sinew to be alive
and Krait to be dead (e.g. p366).  Horn tells Seawrack that "He's [Krait]
actually quite a bit younger than my son Sinew" (OBW, p. 329).  Oh
ambiguity!  When Sinew shows up, later on the same page, Seawrack reacted to
his appearance "As if she had known him all her life".

But here's some strong evidence against (I think)....

p.331 Sinew used Horn's needler a lot before it was stolen
p.334 Sinew eats smoked meat (BUT p.340 Sinew chokes and coughs, saying the
meat is good "but it takes a lot of chewing")
p.335 Horn suggests that Sinew remains in Pajaracou to look after Seawrack,
whilst he and Krait board the lander.

And finally (this is the killer)

"The inhumi had barricaded themselves in the nose, Krait and the rest.  We
had to fight the ones who still believed...if only Sinew had stayed with
Seawrack as I had told him, I would have let the others fight, taking no
part.  He was there and would know, so I played General Mint for an audience
of one, kicking off and yelling and hurtliong toward them, yelling for him
[Sinew] and the others to follow me..." (OBW p.380).

It's not totally conclusive, but it's enough for me.  I've never known Wolfe
to be quite THAT misleading.

Oh, and Hammerstone is mad at Marble because she pretended to be his long
lost sweetheart Maggie so he would marry her.


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