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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Why Sinew isn't Krait
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 13:42:27 

Ian I have to agree with you.  I am abandoning my theory that Sinew and
Krait might be the same.  I'm still sure we don't know the entire story
behind their duality but it is not that Krait is Sinew.

The passage that finally convinces besides the Lander sequence at the end of
Blue and the death of Krait on Green is the following.

OBW p.144  Sinew made a sketch that the smith used to produce Sinew's blade.

I don't believe Horn would have any reason to lie about that and an inhumi
could not draw.

Some discussion has been going on concerning the inhumi's crossings during
conjunction.  Came across this passage today

OBW p.126  "A few of you seem to think that since the inhumi cross the abyss
at conjunction they must leave before conjunction is past," I said.  "Why
should they, when there are so many of us here, so much blood for them?  I
tell you that though some who have tarried here for years will leave as the
whorls conjoin, returning to Green to breed, most will remain.  Do you doubt

Read several strange passages today.

p.123-146 The Thing On The Green Plain, chapter.  Did the mother's song
transport Babbie and Horn to Green?  Or even some other planet?

I was beginning to think that Horn's entire encounter with Seawrack, the
Neighbor, the pit etc. had happened on Green in an astral visit until I
reread the section where Wijzer encountered Horn, Seawrack and Babbie.

The other strange passage (I did not remember but seemed more significant on
rereading knowing more about the neighbors) is

p. 161-2 The immortal Neighbor??  What do you think of this strange


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