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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@charter.net>
Subject: (whorl) Blue Breeders II
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 12:56:35 

Still mulling over the idea that the inhumi might be able to breed on Blue,
my latest thoughts being triggered by the following:

<"Would it be effective for us to dig up one of the recent inhumations and
release him to warn the others?  The thought recurs.
If the inhumas' eggs hatched in our climate, would not our human kind become
extinct?  What tricks Nature plays!  If they are natural creatures at all.>

The idea that Blue-breeding inhumi would soon wipe out their food supply
seems contradicted by two notions, however:

(One) The inhumi would use their new intelligence to prevent this from
happening, perhaps setting up gulags where penned-up humans could be
live-bled, as well as bred (the same way they apparently have on Green).

(Two) According to Jahlee, the inhumi "drink blood. Human blood, mostly. We
don't kill you, though. At least very often."

So: is it possible that the inhumi aren't really that dangerous--that while,
yes, they do suck your blood and appropriate elements of your persona, they
don't typically drain enough to kill, except in the young, the old and the
infirm? Horn compares the inhumi to leeches over and over again, but as far
as bloodsuckers go, leeches are relatively benign.

Not that I wouldn't be a little bit creeped out to wake up and find a giant
alien leech lapping up my life force (unless, of course, she maybe looked
like Uma Thurman).

Robert Borski

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