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From: "William H. Ansley" <wansley@warwick.net>
Subject: (urth) The Wonderful Eyeflash of Oz, part 1A (buy the book)
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 00:55:19 

I don't intend on doing a detailed summary of the whole plot of "The
Eyeflash Miracles" because it would take too long; I am going to
concentrate on the parts with Oz references. For those of you who are
interested in my annotations and would like to be able to follow along, I
recommend that you re-read the story. Here is where to find it (information
I should have given back at the beginning of Part 1), _The Island of Doctor
Death and Other Stories and Other Stories_.

I just checked Amazon.com (I have no affiliation with Amazon except for
buying a lot of books from them) and to my surprise found that the book has
been reprinted. It is a wonderful collection and well worth having, even
for the slightly pricey $11.96 Amazon is charging ($2.99 off the cover
price, however). It contains:

The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories
Alien Stones
La Befana
The Hero as Werwolf
Three Fingers
The Death of Dr. Island
Feather Tigers
Hour of Trust
Tracking Song
The Toy Theater
The Doctor of Death Island
The Eyeflash Miracles
Seven American Nights

If you just can't wait to get your copy you can use the URL below to go
directly to the book's page on Amazon.com (if it has wrapped and been
broken with a return by your email program, you'll have to paste it back

If you want to benefit a Wolfe fan with a nice Wolfe web site, buy it from
his link to Amazon, which you can get to here:

Unfortuately, our list's web bookstore with links to Amazon.com doesn't
have this book, but you can go to the URL below and buy other books which
will provide a very small financial kickback (to Ranjit, I suppose) which
will help support the list.

William Ansley

P.S. mantis, I am working hard on part 2.

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