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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) How Big the whorl
Date: Tue,  6 Apr 99 14:40:00 GMT


Actually I thought the estimates on the size of the whorl couldn't be
reconciled with the text primarily because I kept botching the
calculations (while all the scientists snickered).  Which is to say,
I don't believe a "clean and competant" estimation has been done.

For a broad example unrelated to any current threads: If
Gregory Feeley is dismissive of the science content of TBOTNS,
alluding to never seen enormous tides on Urth that must be caused by
Lune's proximity, that is fine since it is something of a toss-off
line--the main point of his NYRSF essay is familial matters in
Severian's life (a far cry from physics).  But I sense a problem if
others take up this toss-off comment as an untested, unexamined proof
and thus proceed from a flawed premise to "prove" things that Feeley
never seriously attempted.

But this has become tedius.  Goodbye!


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