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From: John Gersten <jgersten@slip.net>
Subject: (urth) Top 10 things to tell your friends...
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 13:31:51 

Top ten things to tell your friends to get them to read BOTNS:

     10.  Chicks really dig guys who can quote from "The Book of
the Wonders of Urth and Sky."

      9.   Guys really dig chicks who can quote from "The Book of
the Wonders of Urth and Sky."

      8.   New evidence reveals Elvis was reading early
manuscript of BOTNS when he died.

      7.   You'll never forget the difference between a Tribadist
and an Alzabo.

      6.   Celebrity cameos make name-spotting nearly endless

      5.   One copy purported to contain Willy Wonka Chocolate
Factory golden ticket.

      4.   Receive permanent immunity from accusations of being
fixated on the NY Times bestseller list.

      3.   "Home Revolutionary" kit great fun at parties.

      2.   You have to read the first three volumes just to get
used to the Latinate words, but once you do you'll be ready for
the fourth, where Wolfe cuts loose with an unrelenting series of
torrid sex scenes.

And the single top thing to say to induce friends to read BOTNS:

      1.   ...because it's the richest, most compelling and
ultimately most enjoyable sf work of all time, dammit! (There,
I've said it <grin>).


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