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From: "Jonathan Laidlow" <LAIDLOJM@hhs.bham.ac.uk>
Subject: (urth) Ultan's Library - update
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:49:07 GMT

Well thanks to a slow day at the office and some help from various 
list members I have now added a list of uncollected short fiction 
since 1990. If you spot anything I've missed please drop me a line. 
If you have any of these short stories and would like to check the 
reference or send me the page numbers, that would be great too.

And could someone let me know if Feeley's NYRSF article spans two 
issues? I've come to the conclusion it does, but not having tracked 
it down yet, I'm rather mystified by blibliographies that say it 
doesn't... Such as the NYRSF on-line index. Or am I just having a 
thick day.

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