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From: "Nicholas Gevers" <potto@webmail.co.za>
Subject: (urth) Re: Meeting Father Inire
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 08:44:37 +0200

I very much like Dan Rabin's reading of the uturuncu as Inire. But I
think we encounter Inire directly much earlier, in Chapter XXI of
CLAW: "[The Autarch} clapped his hands, and a bent little man slipped
silently into the room. He wore a cowled habit like a cenobite's. The
Autarch spoke to him, something I was too distracted to understand."
Of course, when Sev doesn't listen, we know a significant conversation
is taking place just beyond reach. The "cowled servitor" then guides
Sev through "many leagues of the contrived corridors of the Second
House" to the Vatic Fountain - a confidential route to a highly
significant location. The servitor is no more a servitor than the
Autarch is a low-level official at the House Absolute.
Nicholas Gevers
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