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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Rereading IGJ notes (part 2)
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 15:52:33 

First to Robert and alga, I can see that the Neighbor didn't want Horn to be
so overwhelmed with grief and duty that he would spend his time burying the
dead instead of clearing the sewer.  It's just hard not to expect some
deeper meaning from Wolfe behind every bush <grin>.

Robert, also I agree about the dual nature of Horn.  I made the mistake of
thinking it was Horn/Silk but when reading your post realized Silk wasn't in
the picture yet.  So when Horn/Silk occurs the Neighbor would see three?
I'm guessing that anyway.  Not sure who the Other is unless maybe The

p.69  Horn says about Bricco returning home, "But he couldn't."  Is this
where he got into Fava's story?  Changed it?

Old houses that nobody wants to live in, Mora says.  More evidence of
Neighbor techology?  When I first read of Neighbor's ruins forcing Borsat to
leave (in OBW) I thought it was like a home security system.  Now I am
beginning to suspect that the ruins contain technology that enables the
Neighbors visits (portals/mirrors).  Possibly no one wants to remain in the
homes because of some type of ultrasonic sound that they can't hear but
irritates them/makes them uncomfortable.  That along with fear of the
Neighbors/unknown could convince them the house didn't want them to remain

p.71  Just noticed the theme of TBOtSS theme once again presented..."Love is
better than hate, anger or greed."

Incanto cleaned his plate.  So he did eat unless he dumped it somewhere

p.75 found the answer to my earlier question of why Horn didn't proceed to
the Lizard with Evensong.

p.76  Horn comments that Fava can't possibly do well in penmanship, although
composition (what you say) and penmanship (how clearly you print it) are two
different skills and probably graded differently.


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